Queen Culture Nigeria.

Queen Culture Nigeria "Beauty Pageant " is packaged to be a spectacular celebration of cultural beauty, glamour and panache in a big way.


culture is beautiful.

It aims at eliciting curiosity and attract foreigners and Nigerians alike to visit in-situ, areas where these beautiful cultures emanate from.

The pageant is designed to showcase the beauty, intelligence, talents, value, fashion, color and the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria to boost confidence and expose other potentials in Nigerian ladies.


To revive / sustain and improve on our cultural values to be more gender inclusive.


To advocate for gender equality, to empower intelligent and culturally inclined young women to serve as role models / ambassadors for cultural sustainability, to equip the same set of women with pre-requisites skills for the initiation, implementation and evaluation of community and social development.

mission & vision.

Our purpose is to Create, Safeguard, Uphold the beauty of Nigerian heritage, through substantially relevant artistic and cultural programs, tourism and resources


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